Yeeha ! You trigger happy? Put on your boots and hat quickly because the Sheriff Doc really needs you ! A band of desperados, off-the-law and as stupid as bad, just arrived in the quiet town of Last Chance Gulch and they are determined to let people known they are here !

Equipped with a beautiful colt and sat astride dynamic stools  that reprensent their proud mounts, our city slicker embark on a chase totally improvised in the heart of the Wild West. On the menu : shooting in the city and express pass by the saloon … No mercy, we must shot out everything !

Production :

  • Alterface

Characteristic :

  • Animation 5Di
  • Format : HD 1920 – 1080
  • Duration : 5 mn
  • Sound 5.1 DTS
  • Dynamic : Siéges 4D

Distribution :