Vulcania • Mission TOBA

MISSION TOBA takes visitors on an extraordinary journey through time to one supervolcanoes…Transported on a futuristic lift, visitors glide in formation over the Toba region in Indonesia where, 74,000 years ago, a spectacular explosion occurred.

To experience this breathtaking flight and discover the force of this eruption, the audience is enclosed in a new auditorium with a 180° screen and projectors in the floor that reinforce the feeling of being immersed in the volcano. During this flight over the Toba region, visitors will be able to appreciate the devastating power of supervolcanoes.

Production :

Characteristics :

  • Film 4D,  Animation and live action
  • Format : 3 x HD (4860 x 1080)
  • Duration : 5 mn
  • Sound 7.1 DTS
  • Dynamic : platform designed by CL Corporation