Abyssal Descender



The attraction is an elevator to the abyss simulator. It invites the audience to come down and discover the flora and fauna of the abyssal depths. Based on our pneumatic technology, the Abyssal Descender will carry 20 people in an elevator cabin. On a 400 mm ride only, the attraction will simulate a 5000 m descent into the depth ! 4 screens of 65 inches will be fixed on each side of the cabin plus one additional on the ceiling will immerse the visitor into a virtual reality. Movements, images, and special effects will contribute to the sensation of immersion towards the deep of the sea…



The project Ayssal Descender is the result of the collaboration between Polymorph and CL Corporation. Specialized in the development and the installation of 4D cinemas, CL Corporation thanks to its research office, is able to design, to plan, and to produce your attraction for a turnkey delivery. As a graphic studio specialized in the production of 3D/4D animated film, Polymorph will assist you in the screenwriting and production of your movie.


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