Company Profile

Created in 2002 by Fabrice Guichard and Jérôme Foucher, Polymorph is a graphic studio specialized in the production of graphic content’s in the field of entertainment and museology.

As well as Pixar and Dreamworks in the film industry, Polymorph is now recognized and valued in the production of short and medium length films in the entertainment and cultural industry (3D / 4D Movies, Ride, Animated Movies)

We assist all our clients in customized productions such as synthetic images and/or real capture, from the scenario’s creation to the installation on site. We have the ability to work on many different formats (HD – HD Relief – 4K Double screens HD)

Thanks to our R&D activity, we are constantly at the forefront of the technologies that we can apply immediately on any kind of project.


  • Entertainment
  • Museology
  • Games
  • R&D


  • Film 3D and 4D
  • Mixed films : animation / Real shooting pictures
  • Special effects
  • Animation 5Di
  • Multimedia guide
  • Real Time 3D application


Fabrice Guichard


Jérôme Foucher
Technical Director